Pre-CELTA grammar course

Things you need to know about the pre-CELTA course

To help candidates prepare for the CELTA course, we offer a two-day grammar awareness course immediately before each CELTA course start date. The course is aimed at people who have a “native-speaker” intuitive feel for English, but who have not previously had to gain explicit knowledge of the grammar of the language.

Participants will learn about the most important categories in English grammar and the terminology used to describe them. It will build on topics covered in the written pre-CELTA course grammar development tasks that all CELTA course participants complete.

Typical content will include:

  • Verb tenses
  • Modality and modal verbs
  • Conditionals
  • Countable and uncountable nouns
  • Verb patterns, gerunds and infinitives

The course will not look in detail at how to teach grammar (this will be covered in the CELTA course itself), but it will give you insight into how learners view the language and help you to understand the challenge they face.

Course dates

The course runs on the Thursday and Friday before each intensive CELTA course.

Course times


Course fee

€ 135

When and how to register

You can register for the course when you register for the CELTA course itself or any time up to one week before the course start date.
You can download the registration form or receive one by email.