Courses and levels

Are you thinking of doing an English course? Do you struggle with your school English when on holiday? Or are you looking for a new job and find that every job advertisment requires fluent English?

Englisch-Sprachkurse-BSE All the courses at the BERLIN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH are built around your level and your needs. Whether you are looking for something that is full time or flexible, learning in a group or taking single lessons, or a once a week evening course – we offer a diverse range of courses that can be combined at will.

In order to find the right course for you, we first need to evaluate your level of English. We do this here at the school through a spoken level placement test. Once we have determined your level, we can discuss appropriate courses, as well as realistic learning goals.

We use the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (CERF) when evaluating your level. You can do an intial online test here. You will receive a level estimation and the corrected version of the test from us via email shortly afterwards. Please note that the online test is no substitute for the spoken placement test, as it does not provide us with any information about your listening and speaking skills.

Please call us to make an appointment for a placement test. We will happily answer all your questions over the phone. You can reach us on 030-2290455 or via email at