Our approach

To be successful in today’s world, English is a must.

In order to get ahead today, whether in a fast-paced business environment, competitive academic field or in day-to-day small talk, the ability to speak, read, write and understand English is key.

With more than 25 years in the business, we know that the cornerstones of effective learning are:

  • motivation
  • enjoyment
  • a relaxed and comfortable environment
  • competent and engaged trainers

We ensure that these conditions are met to provide an optimal learning experience. Our highly qualified trainers use active, participatory and communicative methods to address all your English needs.

English lessons tailor-made for you

BSE-LehrmaterialWhether you are a beginner or have considerable English knowledge, the BERLIN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH offers you the opportunity to build and improve your your level of English.

We source all our lesson material from the most reputed publications and collect the most relevant for each individual course, along with material developed and rigorously tested by us.

One of the pre-requisites for effective language training is an initial review of the participant’s existing English language skills. For this reason, we provide an oral placement test before beginning any course. Only once we know the extent of your English abilities can we find the appropriate course for you.

For those curious about their passive knowledge of English, we offer an online level test. Once you have completed the test, we will inform you of your results via email. However, this online test is no substitute for the one-to-one oral placement test undertaken with our pedagogical staff, as it is unable to provide us with an overview of your listening and speaking skills.

Highly qualified English trainers

ESOL_AC_Teaching_Awards_rgb Our most important members of staff are our native speaking English teachers, all of whom have a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language. Along with the HAMBURG SCHOOL OF ENGLISH we are the only private language school in Germany since 2003 to offer the CELTA – Certificate in English Teaching to Adults. In this way we ensure the highest quality of our teaching staff. In addition to this, the majority of our trainers hold a degree in a secondary discipline and have spent time working in various other fields of business.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality Management System

Since 20 October we have been certified under the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. We are also recognised as an AZAV supporter and offer courses through the Job Agency.