NEW – Cambridge English Test – Linguaskill

Cambridge Linguaskill is a modular online English test which assesses all four language skills: reading and listening, writing, and speaking. This means that you can choose which skills you would like to test. We offer the following modules at the BERLIN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH:

  • Linguaskill Business Reading and Listening (60-85 minutes) is an “adaptive” test. This means that for each question you answer correctly, the next question becomes more challenging. The test ends when the test software has enough information to identify your level. The results and certificate are available immediately after the test is completed;
  • Linguaskill Business Writing (45 minutes) consists of two writing tasks, which are entered directly into the computer. Answers are marked automatically by the test software. The results and certificate are available after 12 hours;
  • Linguaskill Business Speaking (15 minutes). Candidates say their answers directly into their headset. The answers are recorded and marked by examiners. The results and certificate are available after 48 hours.

Cambridge language tests are recognised around the world, so Linguaskill is an excellent choice if you are applying for a job. Also, an increasing number of universities accept Linguaskill as formal proof of your level in English.

You can find further information about Linguaskill, including practice materials, here:

Here is a list of our prices:

Linguaskill Business Reading and Listening €80
Linguaskill Business Writing €80
Linguaskill Business Speaking €80
Linguaskill Business 4 Skill Bundle €220

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