After the CELTA Course

What do our graduates do after the course?

Working in Germany

Most of our graduates stay and work in Germany. Nearly all the English teaching work in Germany is done on a freelance basis, but often through language schools. This means that you could be teaching in a wide range of different contexts.

Here are some typical examples of what you could be doing:

  • Teaching English to a group of Business Studies students at a university
  • Teaching technical English to a group of engineers in a cement factory
  • Teaching general English to an evening class in a public adult education centre
  • Teaching a top manager in tailor-made one-to-one course
  • Giving extra tuition to high school students who are struggling with their English at school
  • Preparing some students to take the TOEFL examination so they can study in the United States
  • Helping a marketing manager prepare a presentation for an important convention
  • Working on email writing skills in an in-company class

As part of the CELTA course, we will give you advice about working in Germany. This will include:

  • How to approach language schools
  • How to market yourself and to make the most of your experience and skills
  • The legal and bureaucratic aspects: visas, taxes and insurance

Working around the world

Other graduates make use of the worldwide recognition of the CELTA qualification to find a teaching job in another country. Our graduates have found teaching positions in places from Moscow to Mexico City to Myanmar. We also offer general advice about how to find work internationally and how to continue your development as a teacher beyond the CELTA.

Please understand that, despite the advice we provide, we are not a job placement agency and we cannot guarantee that you will find a job.