Who is CELTA for?

Is CELTA for you? Test yourself

Is the CELTA course the right choice for you? To find out, answer these questions.

  • Am I over 18 years old?
  • Do I have a level of education sufficient to allow me to start a university-level course of study?
  • Do I speak (and write) English to a very high level?
  • Have I learnt any foreign languages as an adult?
  • Am I able to work to strict deadlines and manage my own time effectively?
  • Am I open to learning new ways of looking at language and how I use it?
  • Am I able and willing to criticise my own performance?
  • Am I able and willing to accept criticism of my performance from others?
  • Am I able to work in a mature manner within a team as well as exercising initiative and self-responsibility?
  • Do I know why I want to become a teacher?

What the questionnaire tells you

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If you answered yes to all of these questions, then the CELTA is very likely to be a suitable course for you.

If you answered no to a couple of these questions, you may want to contact us to discuss things in more depth before you apply.

Find out more about the course structure here.

You can find out how to apply here.